Monday, 6 December 2010

Print Class Part 2

My print class has finished for the year and I feel a bit sad that it's over... luckily it's starting again in the new year and we will be learning new things... yay!
Being a bit rubbish and totally snowed under with work I only made it to about half the classes this term but I did finally manage to get a handle on repeat lino cuts... not contented to "do something simple to try it out first" as the teacher advised I decided that I really wanted to do a circular pattern. One lino cut which when turned thru 90 degrees would form a circle.
This involved rather more swearing in the registering process than my class mates were comfortable with, the teacher was impressed with my ambition, which I took to mean that I was running before I had learned to walk but then I have never really been one for half measures!
I decided to try a wren on a nest and I am really quite pleased with the result, the print quality isn't amazing but we have been promised a go with the presses next year which should improve that... and I shall be trying it out myself at home with some oil based ink as soon as the festive season is out of the way.
I also made one in blue and brown which is going to be my mum's Christmas gift... it's a shame I couldn't go to all the classes as I now have so many ideas that I think my brain may explode! They will have to wait for the new year tho a the festive shopping rush is in full swing and my inky fingers are being kept very busy wrapping orders!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2010

Crikey O'Rielly people! I can't quite believe it myself but it's almost upon us... the last posting dates to guarantee your parcels arrive for Christmas from my lovely shop are as follows:

Sat 4 Dec 2010 South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand

Thursday 9 Dec 2010 Eastern Europe, USA and Canada

Mon 13 Dec 2010 Western Europe

Monday 20th Dec United Kingdom

As always the sooner you get your order in the better... International buyers remember I am based on the rainy east coast of Britain and that items can occasionally get trapped and held hostage by customs so order now to be sure!
UK buyers... we love our Great British Post Office but remember they aren't always as good as we'd hope!As an added incentive I am running an coupon code in my shop for all my lovely blog friends just enter the code:


At checkout for a very tasty 10% discount on all your orders... offer is running right up until Christmas eve so you have lots of time to get those stocking filler sorted or even just treat yourself because I know you have all been very very good this year!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

An Inky Update... Busy Busy Busy!

Inkmeup has been having a hectic couple of weeks so this blog post is a little overdue I am afraid. Last week Inkmeup's very own Doris lavender bag was luck enough to be featured in an Etsy Finds Email... so began a scrabble to best take advantage of the feature with frantic sewing of Doris' galore!
The Doris-a-thon resulted in 12 Doris's all clucking their ways to new homes and several other creatures finding a new home too!My sewing machine has gone into overdrive and as well as a whole Gaggle of Doris lots more Kitties have been made, some with festive red bows I time for the holidays season and while I was scouting around the flat for a place to store stock I cam e across a box full of zip and just had to make some pouches! Available in Doris, Kitty and Wren!

Also my Robin Illustrations and tree decorations hit the shop too... selling 3 before I even had a chance to list them... I really like the Red Breasted Robin, larger decoration but the cheeky robin makes me smile! Robins are also available as notebooks, prints and lavender bags and of course my lino cuts which I am so proud of! There will be Robin cards soon too!
So I am already changing up the gears for a great festive season, I half terrified and half excited... I know this year is going to be huge, not bad for a shop I opened just to pay for my gocco printer!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lino Printing Fun

I have recently been spending my Tuesday evenings at a little print class at the local sixth form college run by a very talented artist friend of mine.I have already got some print qualifications but always thought that to make prints you needed a press... my friend convinced me I didn't and encouraged me to come along to learn how... I have always loved the process of lino prints, it's so different from gocco, and I love the style of print that comes out of it.
I had a great time learning and it's been inspiring and invigorating to try something different for a change. It's also been wonderful to meet other printers and see how they work. Next term we are going in to greater detail on how to make repeat patterns and hopefully will be printing out own wrapping papers for christmas.In the mean time I shall soon be introducing a couple of my lino prints to Inkmeup... my classic wren design has been give a new twist and of course in the run up to Christmas I am finding myself increasingly Robin focused!
I can't wait for the next lesson... but I really need to do my homework first!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Inkmeup... 1 Year On

I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary in this shop on etsy so traditionally the 1 year mark is a time for me to reflect on the past year, my achievements, my failures and my future plans.
When I first opened Inkmeup I had been selling on etsy for around 3 years already in various guises, Feltmeup Designs being the most successful of them, I had decided to open another shop basically to justify the fact that I have spent a rather large sum of money on a Gocco printer... my only aim was to make back the money I had spent on it and maybe a little extra for supplies so I could keep playing with my new toy... Boy was I in for a shock!
I opened the store in October... just in time for Christmas I thought... and I was right, in the run up to Christmas I hit 100 sales, let's bear in mind I took over a whole year in Feltmeup to get that many. What was I doing right? Beats me really... if I knew I'd probably be a better businesswoman!My whole approach to Inkmeup has been without plan or reason and more or less I just made what I felt like making at the time. Back around July time I bought myself a Gocco stamp so I could print on fabric... I actually love it more than just the normal prints, the ink has a different consistency and gives a gorgeous quality of line on fabric... I have so many Ideas and I haven't even tried half of them!It was around this time that I decided I should stop treating Inkmeup as a hobby and start thinking of it as a business since it was bringing in as much business as Feltmeup so I started the blog and Inkmeup fan page on facebook... I am staunchly resisting having an Inkmeup twitter account, mostly cos I know I wouldn't use it and find the idea of having to build up a new twitter following a bit daunting.I hit 200 sales over the weekend... and I have to admit I am a bit baffled by the success even now. We haven't had any failures as such, the only one being the teatowels I bought to print which I haven't sold a single one of, I think there is just too much competition out there for teatowels... but any I have left at Christmas will make fab presents so I'm not too worried.
I'm pretty sure the future holds good things for Inkmeup too... I have so many ideas, most of which involve quitting my day job, but what I don't have is unlimited time that's the biggest frustration, my Inky days tend to be limited to 1 or 2 a month so I tend to be just frantically printing and then staggering my listing... I don't really have time to develop ideas and take them any further then making pretty prints.

I really hope that between my businesses I can quit my day job soon, my plan for next year is to actually have a plan, quit my day job and set targets... my day job which should only take up 20 hours a week saps all my energy... I you really need energy to be creative!
Here's hoping that this time next year I can write a blog post about my life as a full time crafter! Until that day I just leave you with a link to my Sale section so you can grab a bargain and help me reach my goal!

Friday, 8 October 2010

UK Silly Sale... let the silliness begin...

Tonight at 7pm (GMT that's 7pm in the UK folks) all silliness will break free in the first coordinated UK Silly sale, 24 hours of silly prices, reductions and promoting each other like crazy.

Uk sellers have banded together to bring you a whole world of silliness by reducing their goodies, offering free shipping, standing on their heads, juggling monkeys... no wait ... I'm getting carried away again!

Just go to etsy and type in UK SILLY SALE to find all the bargains on sale and begin your Christmas shopping maybe! This is the best time to pick up a bargain so get on board! I will be offering half price on selected tweets and silly prices on selected prints at Inkmeup but remember it doesn't kick off in earnest till tonight!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

And the winner is...

Drum roll please!!! Sam from A Simple Melody!
Congratulations to Sam a goody bag shall be heading to you soon, Sam also has a lovely folksy shop so why not check out her beautiful work here or become a facebook fan of her shop here!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

1 Year On... Anniversary Giveaway

I had a revelation the other day, I realised that Inkmeup will be 1 year old on the 7th of october, how could I celebrate this momentous day I wonder... It's obvious really, I'll celebrate with an awesome giveaway!!!The winner gets to chose from a Kingfisher, Owl, Kitten, Blue Tit, Squirrel or Fox Goody bag. I'm offering a prize of 1 notebook, 1 print and one lavender bag and a goody bag with some postcards, mini prints and other bits in, this is a fab prize worth $50.

So how do you enter to win this fab prize? There are lots of ways to enter but you MUST do step 1 to get entered all the other ways are optional and will get you extra entries!
1. Visit Inkmeup's shop at etsy and then come back here and leave a comment on the blog with your favourite inky item and with a way to reach you if you win (etsy, twitter or folksy username or email address in the format of me(at)myemailaddressdotcom, do not post a full email address to preserve privacy)2. (Optional) Follow the blog and leave a comment to say you are following here
3. Tweet the competition and follow me @feltmeupdesigns then leave a comment here to say you have tweeted. Copy and paste this link to twitter:
"Win an Inky goody bag from inkmeup @feltmeupdesigns" This one is optional too!
4. Follow Inkmeup on facebook and Leave a comment here to let me know you have followed me. (and this one is optional)
If you do all 4 this means you will have left 4 comments, winner will be selected by random number generator. If you already follow on facebook or the blog just leave a message saying you do and you'll get your extra entries

Competition closes 7th October and winner will be notified and asked to chose their goody bag within 3 days of competition closing... what are you waiting for? Get your entires in *;D


Friday, 24 September 2010


Today's inky effort... sorry there aren't more pics it has been dark and grim here today so you'll have to wait to see what other foxy goodies I came up with! As usual the prints on cotton came out much clearer than the paper ones. It's different ink and seems to give a better quality of line which made me question once more if I should stop doing paper prints entirely!

I did manage to trash several moley notebooks by not really concentrating when I printed them so there will be a few oops items at bargain prices soon!

But I am quite proud of my foxy little friend!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

South Street Scarborough... secret Scarborough!

I thought I'd let you in on a little known Scarborough secret that is one of my favourite spots in my home town.South street is situated just off the Esplanade on the South Bay, it's a little treasure that few tourists ever venture as far as but it's well worth a visit. Not least because South Street Gallery is stocking Inkmeup products!I pootled past on my way to work but sadly the gallery was closed so I'll have to go back another day to get some pics of Inkmeup on display. It's a great little gallery with a fab atmosphere and some fantastic little gift ideas as well as bigger works of art.

Next door is the gorgeous vintage boutique that is Rosie's Boutique, I have to make sure my hands are firmly in my pockets to stop myself form buying all the lovely things they have to offer.
And just opposite is Francis' Tearooms. It's a lovely little tearoom, worth booking a booth in advance if it's high season. Francis' used to be a hairdressers and all the old wooden booths and a beautiful stained glass window are still there... not to mention this fabulous window display of yummy cakes! All the food and drink is served with vintage china and it's a wonderful old fashioned atmosphere... your Gran would love it for a special treat!And after your visit you can walk along the Esplanade and enjoy the best views in Scarborough... did I mention all this is just 2 mins walk from my house?