Friday, 8 October 2010

UK Silly Sale... let the silliness begin...

Tonight at 7pm (GMT that's 7pm in the UK folks) all silliness will break free in the first coordinated UK Silly sale, 24 hours of silly prices, reductions and promoting each other like crazy.

Uk sellers have banded together to bring you a whole world of silliness by reducing their goodies, offering free shipping, standing on their heads, juggling monkeys... no wait ... I'm getting carried away again!

Just go to etsy and type in UK SILLY SALE to find all the bargains on sale and begin your Christmas shopping maybe! This is the best time to pick up a bargain so get on board! I will be offering half price on selected tweets and silly prices on selected prints at Inkmeup but remember it doesn't kick off in earnest till tonight!


  1. Will have to check this out later!

  2. Ooh, sounds exciting! Wish I'd known about this - I could fancy being part of a Silly Sale! Still, I could always go shopping instead...

  3. I added a link to this post in my blog's "News" window. Hope it gets you some extra visitors!