Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tiny Houses... gocco a go go!

I've been goccoing crazy... all my ideas are making my head explode but I have managed to get some new designs made. I am loving my tiny houses purses!
My little pixie house is my favourite and it's been good fun working out how to make them and what little buttons and ribbons work best... now I need to get on and make some tiny house brooches!

So many Ideas... so little time!

Tiny houses are available at my Inkmeupdesigns shop here

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ready... set... gocco!!!

I've been super busy lately... my head is so full of ideas it's practically exploding! Here's a sneaky peak at my latest project, these will be going in my Inkmeupdesigns shop when they are ready.

I sat down to draw some Christmas designs but it was sunny and lovely outside and I really couldn't get my head in a festive place so I ended up doodling some little houses. For starters I decided to print just 2 as I can get them on a screen together.. I think they are really cute, especially the pixie toadstool house!

I'll be playing about this afternoon with these and making some little brooches and purses... watch this space they should be in the shop soon!