Wednesday, 29 September 2010

1 Year On... Anniversary Giveaway

I had a revelation the other day, I realised that Inkmeup will be 1 year old on the 7th of october, how could I celebrate this momentous day I wonder... It's obvious really, I'll celebrate with an awesome giveaway!!!The winner gets to chose from a Kingfisher, Owl, Kitten, Blue Tit, Squirrel or Fox Goody bag. I'm offering a prize of 1 notebook, 1 print and one lavender bag and a goody bag with some postcards, mini prints and other bits in, this is a fab prize worth $50.

So how do you enter to win this fab prize? There are lots of ways to enter but you MUST do step 1 to get entered all the other ways are optional and will get you extra entries!
1. Visit Inkmeup's shop at etsy and then come back here and leave a comment on the blog with your favourite inky item and with a way to reach you if you win (etsy, twitter or folksy username or email address in the format of me(at)myemailaddressdotcom, do not post a full email address to preserve privacy)2. (Optional) Follow the blog and leave a comment to say you are following here
3. Tweet the competition and follow me @feltmeupdesigns then leave a comment here to say you have tweeted. Copy and paste this link to twitter:
"Win an Inky goody bag from inkmeup @feltmeupdesigns" This one is optional too!
4. Follow Inkmeup on facebook and Leave a comment here to let me know you have followed me. (and this one is optional)
If you do all 4 this means you will have left 4 comments, winner will be selected by random number generator. If you already follow on facebook or the blog just leave a message saying you do and you'll get your extra entries

Competition closes 7th October and winner will be notified and asked to chose their goody bag within 3 days of competition closing... what are you waiting for? Get your entires in *;D


Friday, 24 September 2010


Today's inky effort... sorry there aren't more pics it has been dark and grim here today so you'll have to wait to see what other foxy goodies I came up with! As usual the prints on cotton came out much clearer than the paper ones. It's different ink and seems to give a better quality of line which made me question once more if I should stop doing paper prints entirely!

I did manage to trash several moley notebooks by not really concentrating when I printed them so there will be a few oops items at bargain prices soon!

But I am quite proud of my foxy little friend!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

South Street Scarborough... secret Scarborough!

I thought I'd let you in on a little known Scarborough secret that is one of my favourite spots in my home town.South street is situated just off the Esplanade on the South Bay, it's a little treasure that few tourists ever venture as far as but it's well worth a visit. Not least because South Street Gallery is stocking Inkmeup products!I pootled past on my way to work but sadly the gallery was closed so I'll have to go back another day to get some pics of Inkmeup on display. It's a great little gallery with a fab atmosphere and some fantastic little gift ideas as well as bigger works of art.

Next door is the gorgeous vintage boutique that is Rosie's Boutique, I have to make sure my hands are firmly in my pockets to stop myself form buying all the lovely things they have to offer.
And just opposite is Francis' Tearooms. It's a lovely little tearoom, worth booking a booth in advance if it's high season. Francis' used to be a hairdressers and all the old wooden booths and a beautiful stained glass window are still there... not to mention this fabulous window display of yummy cakes! All the food and drink is served with vintage china and it's a wonderful old fashioned atmosphere... your Gran would love it for a special treat!And after your visit you can walk along the Esplanade and enjoy the best views in Scarborough... did I mention all this is just 2 mins walk from my house?

Friday, 17 September 2010

Smelly Dogs Now In stock

So a week of hard work and now all the smelly dog products have made it to Inkmeup's etsy shop and soon will be in folksy too! We've got the lovely lavender bags...

Loveable beasts book prints...

And of course the ever popular moleskine notebooks... perfect for making Christmas present lists! So pop on over to Inkmeup to visit our full shop!

Also it will be my 1 year etsyversary on October 7th... I feel a celebratory giveaway coming on!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sneak Peek...

A little peek at this weekend's project... smelly dogs coming soon

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A New Toy!

About 100 years ago (ok maybe 14 years ago!) I got bought a lovely Bernina Minimatic sewing machine which I loved intensely and took off to uni with me where I punished it by sewing about 10km of various threads to make lots of lacy projects with vanishing fabric... sewing machine held up remarkably under the strain and then proceeded to move house with me 10 times in the next 10 years.I loved my first sewing machine so much... even tho it weighed around the same as me but sadly a few weeks ago it died, living in a damp basement flat for a year and then being stuffed in a storage cupboard for another year has completely rusted the mechanism so it just sits there sulking now!I bagged my self a super bargain to replace it... In my family we rarely have anything new so I thought maybe it's about time I did! I got my lovely new Toyota machine delivered and then was too busy/tired/lazy to use it for 2 weeks! Today I dragged it out, set it up and, after some confusion as to where the lever to drop the foot was, sewed away!I've made a bunch of new lavender bags and made a small dent in my work in progress pile... and have found my new favourite smell! New Sewing Machine Smell... ooo it's lovely and it also sounds so good too!
I'm off to settle down and try and clear my pile of lavender bags to sew now... see you soon!
Happy Mel

Friday, 3 September 2010

No Blog this week...

Ok so this is kinda a bit bloggish... I am wiped out and too tired to blog so here is a pretty picture for you instead!