Friday, 30 July 2010

But it's Not a Bird!

Working on new things for Inkmeup and an urge took me to draw something without feathers! I did start off drawing in pencil but I have a tendency to second guess my choices and rub out alot so I started a brand new page and switched to the gocco carbon pens, which give a lovely fine line.

Drawing in ink means that the choices you make right are wrong are permanent so I think more about the marks I am making, also it skips a step which makes the process a bit quicker especially on a day like today where I'm impatient to get the gocco out and burn a screen.

As with most drawings I started with the eyes and then worked outwards, I made the kitten a little bigger then I intended to so he only just fit on the screen! I had a horrible moment when firing the screen where one of the flash bulbs didn't go off, I retouched a few bits of the drawing with the pens, crossed my fingers, inserted some new bulbs and prayed that there would be enough carbon left on the paper for a good screen!
I held my breath and pushed down on the gocco machine...

And it worked! Phew!
So tomorrow I have the task of photographing my new kitty prints once they dry, I did a few moleskine notebooks, some prints on white and some on "Loveable beasts" book pages. I also used the cloth inks and made some cloth prints to turn into lavender bags, which need pressing and sewing, so my weekend off work is shaping up to be a busy one!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sorting Out The Inkery

Out with the old!

Here at the Inkery we can generally expect a certain level of chaos caused by running 2 businesses from 1 small 1 bedroomed flat! I'm generally a hoarder but when I realised the sheer amount of shoe boxes, filled with inky things, under my desk was preventing me from getting close to it I sprang in to action and stumbled down to the sales.

In with the new!

The contents of 8 shoe boxes have now been shifted into a lovely big basket so I can see my inky goodies and will no longer have to open every box to find that Wren lavender bag!

All my teatowels, totes, notebooks and lavender sachets are now wrapped in cellophane bags to keep them clean and gently placed in my lovely basket....

... But I have filled it already so I may need to go get another one now... whoops!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

And the Winner Is....

Drum roll please!!!

The winner is: Jeannette House of Maisychain

Who will receive a great big pile of inky goodies in the post! Thanks to everyone who entered, twittered, facebooked and made this a super fun giveaway. It's been great fun to run and I can't wait to do the next one.Right now I am looking forward to blogging Inkmeup adventures and I hope you're looking forward to reading!
As a special blog comp thank you I have decided to continue my sale for another 2 weeks over at Inkmeup, mini prints are staying just $5 and of course every order still includes a free mini postcard print. There are lots of lovely bargains to be had! A big big thankyou to everyone, this has been a real blast! xxmel

Friday, 16 July 2010

Inkmeup Blog Launch Giveway

Inkmeup has been going strong for 9 months now and it's been a really fun ride so far. Ink has spent a lot of time piggy backing on her big sister shop Feltmeupdesigns and it's time for the baby girl to break free and have her own identity and her own blog!

So to launch said blog what better way then to have a giveaway! The winner gets to chose from a Kingfisher, Owl, Wren, Blue Tit or Chicken Goody bag. I'm offering a prize of 1 notebook, 1 print and one lavender bag and a goody bag with some postcards, mini prints and other bits in, this is a fab prize worth $40.So how do you enter to win this fab prize? There are lots of ways to enter but you MUST do step 1 to get entered.
1. Visit Inkmeup's shop at etsy and then come back here and leave a comment on the blog with your favourite inky item and with a way to reach you if you win (etsy, twitter or folksy username or email address in the format of me(at)myemailaddressdotcom)
2. Follow the blog and leave a comment to say you are following here

3. Tweet the competition and then leave a comment here to say you have tweeted. Copy and paste this link to twitter:
"Win an Inky goody bag from inkmeup @feltmeupdesigns"
4. Follow Inkmeup on facebook and Leave a comment here to let me know you have followed me.
Competition closes 25th July and winner will be notified and asked to chose their goody bag within 3 days of competition closing

If you can't wait to get some inky goodies how about checking out our Etsy Christmas in July sale at the shop for some lovely bargains. I can't wait to get doing some serious inky bloggage!