Monday, 6 December 2010

Print Class Part 2

My print class has finished for the year and I feel a bit sad that it's over... luckily it's starting again in the new year and we will be learning new things... yay!
Being a bit rubbish and totally snowed under with work I only made it to about half the classes this term but I did finally manage to get a handle on repeat lino cuts... not contented to "do something simple to try it out first" as the teacher advised I decided that I really wanted to do a circular pattern. One lino cut which when turned thru 90 degrees would form a circle.
This involved rather more swearing in the registering process than my class mates were comfortable with, the teacher was impressed with my ambition, which I took to mean that I was running before I had learned to walk but then I have never really been one for half measures!
I decided to try a wren on a nest and I am really quite pleased with the result, the print quality isn't amazing but we have been promised a go with the presses next year which should improve that... and I shall be trying it out myself at home with some oil based ink as soon as the festive season is out of the way.
I also made one in blue and brown which is going to be my mum's Christmas gift... it's a shame I couldn't go to all the classes as I now have so many ideas that I think my brain may explode! They will have to wait for the new year tho a the festive shopping rush is in full swing and my inky fingers are being kept very busy wrapping orders!