Tuesday, 21 September 2010

South Street Scarborough... secret Scarborough!

I thought I'd let you in on a little known Scarborough secret that is one of my favourite spots in my home town.South street is situated just off the Esplanade on the South Bay, it's a little treasure that few tourists ever venture as far as but it's well worth a visit. Not least because South Street Gallery is stocking Inkmeup products!I pootled past on my way to work but sadly the gallery was closed so I'll have to go back another day to get some pics of Inkmeup on display. It's a great little gallery with a fab atmosphere and some fantastic little gift ideas as well as bigger works of art.

Next door is the gorgeous vintage boutique that is Rosie's Boutique, I have to make sure my hands are firmly in my pockets to stop myself form buying all the lovely things they have to offer.
And just opposite is Francis' Tearooms. It's a lovely little tearoom, worth booking a booth in advance if it's high season. Francis' used to be a hairdressers and all the old wooden booths and a beautiful stained glass window are still there... not to mention this fabulous window display of yummy cakes! All the food and drink is served with vintage china and it's a wonderful old fashioned atmosphere... your Gran would love it for a special treat!And after your visit you can walk along the Esplanade and enjoy the best views in Scarborough... did I mention all this is just 2 mins walk from my house?


  1. Oh my, I love that tea room! I'd love to have proper tea shops around here!

  2. I might have to plan a little visit to Scarborough now, hehe! ;)

  3. It looks lovely and your weather looks nicer than mine was today. I like a bit of sea air and think I'd enjoy a walk along the Esplanade.

  4. Oooh, DH and I were discussing where to visit next year, for a UK break. He suggested Scarborough... and I suggested Whitby etc. Haven't been to that part of the world since I was 11 years old (it's a bit far from Bedfordshire).
    I didn't realise I "know" someone who lives there. I could visit those shops and the tea-room. I could maybe even buy you tea and cake at the tea room!! I could even buy "Ink Me Up" stuff at the Gallery...
    Ooh, suddenly Scarborough is more interesting than I first thought.