Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year, New Me...

Every year I make a New Year's Resolution and every year I break it by February! This year I decided to do something different and give myself some goals rather than my usual trick of say thing slike "A drawing a day!" which I can tell you now I'll never stick to.
This year I have 2 resolutions, the first is to be healthier... I don't eat vegetables and I don't do exercise unless you count flinging stacks of books around in my day job as a book slave. So I bought myself a hand blender and am learning how to make soup... cos I will eat vegetables blended into soups!.The second new years resolution to be more creative! Yeah Ok so I run 2 sucessful businesses and I make something almost everyday but it's starting to feel like a job so despite the fact that today I finished 3 felt birds and sewed a bunch of lavender bags I don't feel that I have been creative. I have set myself a project, the 7 magpies project where I have decided that I shall illustrate the Magpie counting rhyme:
One for Sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret never to be told

I have found versions of the rhyme that go further than seven but I thought seven was a nice number to aim for... lets see if I can do it! I have started Two for Joy as a lino cut... no pics yet it's not finished but it's based around the magpie I goccoed for my shop!I also bought myself a table etching press as an early christmas present to myself and to beat the VAT increase in the UK. So I am looking forward to getting back into etching again... when I find the time... so I have big plans for this year and the direction I want to take my business in. It's all very exciting!


  1. You are well on your way with your New year plans- well done. The magpies look great:)

  2. Goals are always better than resolutions, and even more when you set them realistically!

    And I'd say you're very creative already, but setting up challenges for yourself sounds great!

  3. Those are neat! You are very talented!