Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Happy New Year... the First Inky Day of 2011

Happy New Year Inky readers!!!

I have been so busy over Christmas that I rewarded my self with a little break, I had to my body simply wouldn't let me carry on at the speed I had been and firmly told me to have a rest and eat lots of chocolate!Unfortunately as of Boxing day I have been having itchy fingers and craving the smell of printing ink so today I kicked my boyfriend out into the streets and got out the gocco! I decided I really needed a magpie to add to my growing menagerie... I played with a few different designs first but settled on this one... I am really happy with him too.He'll be making his way to the shop soon as we get a decent day with some light for me to photograph all the prints properly and I need an extra printing day to get him onto some fabric so I can make some lavender bags.The magpie has always been one of my favorite birds but he just didn't want to be pinned to the paper... I have had many many abortive attempts at drawing him but they have ended up being a disaster... It's so hard to capture the mischievousness of this bird.


  1. That's absolutely awesome! Love the magpie!