Saturday, 20 August 2011

New Designs, Feathers and Neglectful Blogging

Oh Dear... It's been a while since my last blog so I should probably fill you in on the last months happening. I haven't had much time for Inky things and have been really busy with my other felty business, Feltmeupdesigns... I booked my first fair, and while some inky things are coming with me it's the Wool Weekend in Harrogate so I can only take a few and the rest needs to be wooly things.
I have managed to make time for a couple of new designs the Little Owl prints you may have already seen in my shops and some new feather designs. I got a new riso fountain pen which has the ink that is required to make gocco screens in it so have been experimenting with that, it's lovely and makes the most beautiful fluid mark... the fibretip pens I have been using are great but they don't quite feel right to draw with when you are used to dip pens.I have also been working on a secret project... secret because I wasn't sure if I would mess it up so I am keeping it quiet for now... let just say it involves sewing... and is quite pretty! I might unveil it later in the week but I want to make a few new things before I do.I have been slowly building up my folksy shop... I'm aiming for 100 items in it by early september and I'm getting there... it involves a lot of going thru stock and listing, which can be painfully slow but very necessary.I'm looking forward to getting this fair out of the way so I can focus on more Ink based projects! I have so many ideas my head may explode!!!


  1. ooh I love the feathers very pretty and the key fobs are cute

  2. Oh my, I love the feathers!