Friday, 30 July 2010

But it's Not a Bird!

Working on new things for Inkmeup and an urge took me to draw something without feathers! I did start off drawing in pencil but I have a tendency to second guess my choices and rub out alot so I started a brand new page and switched to the gocco carbon pens, which give a lovely fine line.

Drawing in ink means that the choices you make right are wrong are permanent so I think more about the marks I am making, also it skips a step which makes the process a bit quicker especially on a day like today where I'm impatient to get the gocco out and burn a screen.

As with most drawings I started with the eyes and then worked outwards, I made the kitten a little bigger then I intended to so he only just fit on the screen! I had a horrible moment when firing the screen where one of the flash bulbs didn't go off, I retouched a few bits of the drawing with the pens, crossed my fingers, inserted some new bulbs and prayed that there would be enough carbon left on the paper for a good screen!
I held my breath and pushed down on the gocco machine...

And it worked! Phew!
So tomorrow I have the task of photographing my new kitty prints once they dry, I did a few moleskine notebooks, some prints on white and some on "Loveable beasts" book pages. I also used the cloth inks and made some cloth prints to turn into lavender bags, which need pressing and sewing, so my weekend off work is shaping up to be a busy one!